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Review The Crown Princess Scandal Manga

Welcome to my review of the unique South Korean manga, ‘The Crown Princess Scandal Manga‘ available on Known for its expert blending of comedy and drama against the backdrop of a royal court, this manga has captured the attention and imagination of readers worldwide. With a compelling narrative that seamlessly integrates humor, complex character relationships, and unexpected plot twists, ‘The Crown Princess Scandal‘ presents an unforgettable reading experience.

Review The Crown Princess Scandal Manga
Review The Crown Princess Scandal Manga

I. Introducing The Crown Princess Scandal Manga

Hailing from South Korea, “Scandal of the Crown Princess” is known by various other names, such as “Rahasia Putri Mahkota”, “The Crown Princess’ Secret”, “次期王妃のけしからぬ秘密”, and “세자빈의 발칙한 비밀”. This work is the brainchild of authors Jung Munee and Rahee, with illustrations by Jung Munee, Lahee, and Rahee. It’s an adapted story that blends comedy with elements of cross-dressing.

The story has captured widespread public attention, boasting 1237124 views and 12651 followers. It tells the tale of the protagonist, Hwa-yeong, who was tricked by her sister into joining the royal court as a candidate for the position of Crown Princess.

Read The Crown Princess Scandal

Review The Crown Princess Scandal Manga
The Crown Princess Scandal

The Crown Princess Scandal

  • Country: Korea
  • Other Names: Rahasia Putri Mahkota, The Crown Princess’ Secret, , 발칙한 비밀
  • Author: JUNG Munee, Rahee
  • Artist: Jung munee , Lahee , Rahee
  • Genre: Adaptation , Adaptation , Comedy , Comedy , Crossdressin
  • Views: 1237124
  • Followers: 12651

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II. Special content in the story

The narrative revolves around Hwa-yeong, who is duped by her sister into joining the royal court’s selection process for the Crown Princess. The prospect of spending six months in the palace soon proves to be more than Hwa-yeong can bear. Determined to get herself disqualified and returned home sooner, she deliberately causes all kinds of mischief. However, her plan backfires spectacularly, earning her instead the royal family’s favor.

Complicating matters further is the Crown Prince, Shin-yeong, whose paths keep crossing with Hwa-yeong’s. The frequency of their encounters escalates the tension between them, intensifying the stakes of Hwa-yeong’s predicament.

Meanwhile, Min Bo-ha, who possesses the extrasensory ability to read memories through touch, leads a solitary life after being abandoned by her family. Her world turns upside down when she’s appointed to take her injured brother’s place as the Crown Prince. Bo-ha embraces her new role, applying makeup to help her assume the duties of a prince. Little does she know that this decision will forever change the course of her life.

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IV. The main character in the story

Hwa-yeong is the central character who has been tricked by her sister into participating in the royal selection for the Crown Princess. Strong-willed and resourceful, she devises numerous schemes in hopes of getting herself disqualified and sent home early. Instead, her antics only earn her the royal family’s favor, making her situation more complex.

The Crown Prince, Shin-yeong, is a key figure in Hwa-yeong’s journey. Their paths continue to cross, escalating the tension and adding an intricate dynamic to the story. Shin-yeong’s personality and motives remain mysterious, but his frequent encounters with Hwa-yeong seem to suggest a growing interest in her.

In a parallel narrative, Min Bo-ha, a character who possesses the extrasensory ability to read memories through touch, is thrust into the limelight. Abandoned by her family, she’s made to replace her injured brother as the Crown Prince. Embracing her new role with courage and determination, Bo-ha is oblivious to how this drastic decision will forever alter her life’s trajectory. Her character offers a unique perspective on the life of royalty and the heavy responsibilities it entails.

Review The Crown Princess Scandal Manga

V. Comments and reviews about the story

The Crown Princess Scandal” presents a unique fusion of comedy and drama within the backdrop of a royal South Korean court. The story strikes a captivating balance between lighthearted humor and complex character relationships that successfully engages its audience, which is evident from its impressive viewership.

The narrative showcases a compelling journey of Hwa-yeong, a character filled with determination and resourcefulness. Her antics, aimed at getting herself disqualified from the princess selection process, provide ample comic relief while enriching her character arc.

The continuous encounters between Hwa-yeong and the Crown Prince, Shin-yeong, are masterfully written. The escalating tension between these characters adds depth to the plot, turning it into more than just a straightforward comedic story.

Parallel to this, the story of Min Bo-ha presents a stark contrast. Despite her hardships, she accepts her role as the Crown Prince with grace and resilience. Her extrasensory ability to read memories through touch adds a mystical element to the narrative, making her journey even more fascinating.

“The Crown Princess Scandal” is a deftly crafted story that offers a delightful blend of humor, drama, and character depth. It’s a must-read for those who enjoy stories set in royal courts with intricate character relationships and unexpected plot twists.

Review The Crown Princess Scandal Manga

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